Canadians 2000
Short Program

    20 March 2008
    Webmaster's note:
    Dear Friends and Fans of Jayson.
    If anyone still has happened by here, they will notice that Jayson has since retired from skating andthis page is long since out of date. Due to many other life events, I am not able to follow skating at the level I did and this page is purely archival. When I find a few spare months or years, I will attempt to update all my skating pages, including all information on Jayson that is still hanging about somehwere. Thanks for reading, if anyone is still there! It's been very fun.

    22 December 2003
    Webmaster's note:
    Dear Friends and Fans of Jayson.
    After a few years absence, I am returning to Canadians this year in Edmonton and am looking forward to seeing Jayson skate. I've had very little time and no resources to update this fan page, for which I profusely apologize, but I hope to remedy that in January. In the meanwhile, please enjoy the more 'vintage' photos and reports and think good thoughts for Jayson in Edmonton. I'll be the one tossing a hedgehog on the ice!

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