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Image Magazine

Thank you Angela for this one. This is a magazine called Image that is distributed through Shoppers Drug Mart. Winter 1997 issue. The article was about possible Canadian Olympians. The caption reads:

Jayson Dénommée, figure skater. Dénommée, 20, from Asbestos, Que., did not become interested in figure skating until his late teens, considered a late start in this sport. He's since made up for it, gaining a reputation for combining artistry with strong athletic ability.

Canadians 1997

This was a special Skating Issue from January 1997 that was handed out at 1997 Canadians. Jayson was pictured as one of the Rising Stars. I think the photo comes from 96 Canadians. Thanks to Tesia for reminding me of this. The caption to the photo reads

This 19-year-old men's singles skater represents our junior national team and trains in Brossard, Quebec. He won a silver medal in the junior category at the '96 Nationals and was also voted to the "Future Star" category at Skate Canada in 1995.

Skate Canada 1996

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