Canadian Skating Links

Official Skating Sites

CFSA Home Page (Now called Skate Canada)
Lists of assignments, athlete bios, events, and results.
CPA Sherbrooke
This is Jayson's home club. (He doesn't skate there anymore).
CPA Asbestos
Information about the Asbestos Figure Skating Club. ( English translation)
École de Patinage Artistique Olympia
Training Site page, inlcudes bios of other Normand skaters
Unoffical Sites and Fan Pages

Patinage Artistique au Quebec
A site devoted to Figure Skating in Quebec. In French.
Unofficial EPA Olympia Page
My own small but hopefully growing page for EPA Olympia students.
Carol Wang's Canadian Figure Skating Page
Focus on Canadian skaters, inactive.
Mailing list for Jayson fans.
Andrea Durkac has set this up. You can sign up at the Onelist Homepage. Click to subscribe to denommee
Sammuel Lau's SkateWorld
Personal Home Pages for Canadian Figure Skaters.
Shellybean's Home Page
Another site focused on Canadian skaters.
Liz Witmer's Ice Rink
A page mainly devoted to Canadian skaters.
Ice World
Andrea Durkac's Skating Home Page, lots of photos
Figure Skating on Canadian/US TV
Compiled by Paul-Henri Fortin
Figure Skating English-French Short Dictionary
If you don't know a triple boucle piqué from a pirouette arabesque.
The Cute Guys of Figure Skating
Okay, so it's a bit silly and some people have really odd tastes....
Who is the most handsome male skater?
Yes, that is my photo of Jayson! Go and vote!
Jayson Fan Page
A second Jayson fan page, very inactive
Media and Business Sites

Not a link but an actual snail mail address. Ice Image (my person shameless plug) used to be in the pictures section but now it is here. Ice Image is a small business that makes videos of Canadian skating events. If you are familiar with VideoSports or Ledin, this is the same style. I didn't see her at Canadians in 1999 but she may have other events from this fall.

Ice Image Inc.
20 Linhaven Crt.
St. Catharines, Ont
L2N 6V3

Canoe SLAM Figure Skating Page
Articles from the Sun newspaper chain in Canada.
The Globe and Mail
Toronto based National Canadian newspaper. Skating articles by Bev Smith. This was recently revamped and you will need to look at both the main page and other sports for skating articles.
The Toronto Star
Some Figure Skating articles.
Montreal Gazette
Montreal Daily Newspaper. In English.
TSN, Canadian cable sports network; Figure Skating Page
Canadian Skate Magazine
USA based magazine that folded. This link is still active, though, apparently maintained by someone else.
Spotlight on Skating Magazine
A new, Canadian-based, skating magazine.

General Skating Links

Skate Web
the source of all (skating) knowledge
ISU Home Page
Subpages for all skating disciplines
Quiescently Frozen Confections
Eda Tseinyev's Page
The Figure Skating Corner
by Tino Eberl, in German and English
Eligible Skaters Home Pages
Lists of link to page for eligible skaters, including this one!
by Ellen Edgerton, formerly the results and jumps databases. (Offline for the summer)
J. Barry Mittan:The Electronic Photojournalist
Skating Photographs
Leah Adams Photography
More Great Skating Photographs
Skating Music Page
by Maeno, based in Japan
Skating Events

2001 Quebec Sectionals
Magog and Rock Forest, Quebec, CANADA
2001 Canadian Nationals
Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA
2001 Worlds
Vancouver, Canada
2002 Olympics
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

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