Skate Canada 2002, Short Program
Canadians 2000, Long Program

    29 November 2002

    Several fund raising efforts are underway to help support Jayson's skating.

    • Marg Cockburn is coordinating a Jayson compliation tape.
      Hi All: I have the Jayson compilation tapes ready for sale. Not only are we trying to raise some money to help Jayson out but just as importantly I think the sale of these tapes would show him that we are all still out there supporting and cheering him on. In order to keep the quality of the tapes as high as I could I have put everything on 2 tapes, both recorded in SP mode. You can buy either tape 1 or tape 2 or a set of both tapes. The cost per tape is $10 US or $15 Canadian or if you want a set of both tapes it will be $15 US or $20 Canadian. The price includes all shipping costs. Please email me at for more info or to order....
    • Karyn Wood is selling her Jayson photos. You may contact her at
    • I am selling mostly my own and a few others photos. Please check my page of scans and ordering information for more details. I plan to add some new photos in the next few days.

    7 November 2002

    I finally got myself back to Skate Canada this year and saw Jayson skate. He had two new programs that I just loved. I spoke to him after the long program and he was very discouraged, even talking about quitting. Funding is his biggest problem right now. I am working (on my own initiative) to rally Jayson's many fans to help him find training funds. If you would like to send funds to Jayson to help defray his skating expenses, you may do so via Skate Canada and the Skaters Trust. Here is the information I recieved from Skate Canada.

    Thank you for your interest in financially supporting Jayson. If you would like to donate money to Jayson you can do so by sending a cheque payable to Skate Canada in Trust for Jayson Denommee. Once we receive the cheque the funds will be processed through the Skater Trust, in compliance with the Skate Canada Skater Trust guidelines (attached for your information), and directly returned to Jayson minus 5% for administration fees.

    I have a copy of the Trust guidelines, for anyone who would like to read them. Jayson is due to skate at Cup of Russia in a few weeks and I'm sure a little morale boost from the support of fans, as well as a bit of extra training funds, would really help him. Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.

    Amy Mossman


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