Who am I?

My name is Amy Mossman. I'm from the USA but I lived in Canada in 1990 and 1991. I've been a skating fan for many years and began to follow the Canadian skaters since living there. I've been on the Internet skating groups since about 1993 and I started going to events with my first point and shoot camera in 1995. Now, I'm basically a hard core addict.

I've been skating myself since about 1989 (with many stops and starts) and just passed the USFSA Juvenile Moves in the Field and Pre-Juvenile Freestyle tests. My ultimate skating goals are to do an axel and a Beilmann spin. I'm not sure which one will be harder. I belong to the MITFSC, which is the best club in the world.

My wildy disorganized Skating Home page has things like the Clockwise Skaters List, some Event Reports, and my Skating Photos. I'll have my tape catalog back up again someday.

Before you ask, yes, I do have a life and enjoy other things besides skating. I am an astronmer, I own an apartment, I sing in a chorus, I follow the Red Sox and the Celtics and occasionally some tennis, and I love taking photographs. I also have an adorable cat.

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