Free Skating Videos

I'm converting all my (about 400) skating tapes to DVD. As they are finished, I'll add them here. I'll send out any whole tape for postage, please don't ask if can I copy just some events or skaters. The DVD conversion will take a long time and it's a throw of the dice what shows up here. Just keep checking. If I have an old catalog for the tape, I'll link it.

Each table row is one tape, standard event abbreviations apply. I'll try to include the source as well.

Some tapes are less than perfect quality but all are watchable.

Canadians 1996 - PSP, LSP, LLP, MSP, PLP (CTV)
Cup of Russia 2002 (US TV)
Skate America 2004 (US TV)
Skate Canada 2004 (US TV)
Grand Prix Final 2000 (Canadian TV)
US Nationals 2001 - E (US TV)
Olympics 1992 - OD, FD (US TV)
Skate America 1997 - MLP, LLP (TVA - French Canadian TV)
Worlds 1985 - FD, LLP (CBS)

Not skating
Red Sox Opening Day 2005

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Created: 20 March 2007
Last Updated: 10 February 2009